About Therapy

What happens during the first therapy session?

During the first session we’ll explore what brought you into therapy and your goals. I’ll ask questions to help me understand the issues you’re experiencing and your background. You’ll get a sense of how we work together.

My approach to therapy is collaborative. I’ll work with you to help identify the challenges you’re facing and approaches to managing them.

We’ll begin to establish trust and rapport so that you feel comfortable and safe engaging in counseling. This is a key element of successful therapy.

In the following sessions, we’ll begin to explore treatment approaches to help you achieve your therapy goals.

How long does therapy last?

The length of therapy depends on your unique challenges and goals. Some clients resolve their issues within six sessions; others have more complex challenges that require longer therapy.

Therapy is viewed by some clients as an ongoing form of personal training that challenges them and helps them progress in achieving their life goals. Other clients prefer time-limited therapy.

Whether you’re engaged in time-limited or ongoing therapy, we’ll periodically review your counseling goals and the progress you’ve made in achieving them.

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